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Dec 01

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December 1st 2016 Rhagfyr 1af

Dear Parents / Carers,

School Choir Events – Saturday's Xmas Lights Performance: The lights are being switched on at 5.30pm and this will be followed by a parade of trucks.  We then all adjourn to St. Peter's Church and ask that all pupils meet with school staff outside the church at 5.45pm. We have also been asked to sing on Sunday at 4.30pm in the Cross Keys Llanfwrog as part of the Christmas Market being held there. Please refer to the letter sent and emailed home.

Cycle Experience – I'm pleased many pupils have taken advantage of the opportunity to take the Cycling Proficiency course this week.  It is certainly a very worthwhile activity.

Achievers – Last week's achievers were Kaden, Isaac, Dean, Jack and all of Year 5.  Faye, Jocelyn, Fletcher and Kian had certificates and belts for karate.

Mock Trial – The mock trial last week was a resounding success.  The pupils benefitted greatly from the experience and their behaviour was exemplary. Thanks to Pat Astbury for organising, to North Wales Police for their involvement and to the Rotary for sponsoring bus costs.

​Family Service – Many thanks to Year 5 for their Family Service.  Their presentations on Australia were very well received.  Thanks to Mrs. Davies for her work preparing the children.​

Christmas Dinner – Christmas Dinner was served today. What a fantastic way to greet December!

PTA – Remember it is the PTA Own Clothes day tomorrow.  The PTA ask that donations be brought in for the chocolate tombola instead of a fee.  Next Friday, December 9th, the PTA Fair will be held. Please refer to the posters sent home and posted to the school twitter page and PTA Facebook page for further details. Many thanks.

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,


Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

Nov 03

Contact us - bryn.jones@denbighshire.gov.uk / 01824 702565

 Academic Dates - Click here​ ​

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November 24th 2016 Tachwedd 24ain

Dear Parents / Carers,

Another newsletter a little earlier than usual for you this week, keeping you up to date with all that's going on in the build up to Christmas.  The rain and colder weather has certainly been a clear indicator that winter is taking hold and most children are wearing coats without a need of a reminder!

Annwyl Rieni / Gwarchodwyr,

Dyma gylchlythyr arall ychydig yn gynharach na'r arfer i chi yr wythnos hon, sy'n rhoi y wybodaeth ddiweddaraf i chi yn y cyfnod sy'n arwain at y Nadolig. Mae'r tywydd oer a'r glaw yn sicr wedi bod yn arwydd clir bod y gaeaf yn cymryd gafael ac mae'r rhan fwyaf o blant yn gwisgo cotiau heb angen cael eu atgoffa!

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,


Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

Children in Need - We raised a fantastic total of £440 pounds, so huge thanks to all concerned. Winners included Jemima for the sweets in a jar, Olivia and Jocelyn for Infant and Junior bear respectively.  Pudsey pictures were won by Isabella, Daniel, Kieran, Nathaniel, Freya, Emma, Will and Libby. Huge thanks to the School Council and to Miss Davies.

SHARE – Thanks again to those who have supported this charity.  Could we receive any further donations by December 2nd please.

Liverpool Trip – Could all Year 6 deposits for Liverpool please be received by Monday, so that we can offer any remaining places to Year 5.

Dogs on Site – May I please remind everybody in the school community that for health and safety reasons, we cannot under any circumstances permit dogs to be brought onto the site.  Your co-operation is appreciated.

​Last Week's Achievers - Last week, our Students of the Week were Charlotte, Kody, Ruby, Charlie, Alexa, Katie, Molly, Leo and Sophie.  Well done to them all.

Chicken Pox Outbreak! – We have, in the Early Years had blotches, spots and scratching.  As blisters remain contagious until they have scabbed, public health guidelines require us to ask pupils to remain off school until the spots have dried up.  I feel all itchy now…

Attendance – We have shared certificates with all 100% attendees for the first half term.  Last week, Year 5 had the best attendance with 98.5% and our running total for the whole school is 96.5% - which is currently above our target of 96%.  Thank you for your efforts and support.

Christmas Dinner Date – Our Xmas Dinner date with Lyn and the ladies in the canteen will be on Thursday, December 1st.

Miss Madoc-Jones - Miss Madoc-Jones, our Deputy Headteacher, who has been seconded to Ysgol Pentrecelyn as Headteacher for the last two years, has accepted a permanent position there and tendered her resignation. Beth had a huge role to play in the success of the school over the last five years and has been greatly missed.  Ysgol Pentrecelyn is very lucky to have her.  We wish her well and thank her for everything.  Permanent appointments to our leadership team will soon be taking place.

PTA Quiz – This takes place Friday November 25th at 7pm at the Feathers.  Thanks to those who have donated prizes.

Year 5 Family Service – This takes place tomorrow morning at 9am. 

Mock Trial – Also tomorrow, The Mock Trial for Year 6, organised by Pat Astbury will take place.

School Choir – We will send finalised details of next Saturday's Xmas Market singalong when we receive confirmation.  Also, any pupils that come along to the Xmas Market at the Cross Keys on Sunday afternoon at 4pm are also welcome.  Details to follow.

​Year 3 Science - In Science, Year 3 have been looking at Forces and have made parachutes. They've also designed and made boats and will be testing them soon!

​A Special Message of Thanks - Sharon Beadell mother of Kaden has asked me to communicate the following message.

"Thank you to all the parents and staff who came to Kaden's Daddy's funeral on Tuesday.  It was lovely to see so many who came out to support us on what was a very difficult day.  Thank you from Kaden's Mummy, Sharon, Kaden and Louie."

November 17th 2016 Tachwedd 16eg

Dear Parents / Carers,

Year 5 Family Service – This takes place on Friday November 25th. Parents and relatives welcome at 9am.

PTA - PTA Christmas photos are available to view in the office window and by the notice board on the yard. 100% of the profits from these photos go straight to the school and they are available as a JPEG file or printed photos. See the poster for details. The PTA Christmas Fair will be held on Friday 9th December, 5.30-7.30pm in the school. This year, we have arranged to have a non-uniform day the week before, Friday 2nd December, for which there will be no charge, but we ask that children bring in donations of chocolate or sweets for the tombola and raffle prizes. Many thanks.

Year 6 Mock Trial – Pat Astbury, has kindly organised a fantastic opportunity for our Year 6 pupils.  Next Friday, they will take part in a mock trial in Denbigh Magistrates' Court and play out all the different roles involved.  We are also grateful to the Rotary for sponsoring the bus costs.

Year 2 Hot Seating - Year 1 and 2 children have been reading Fantastic Mr. Fox and wrote questions they'd like to ask said fox.  They then took it in turns to wear the mask and answer/ask the questions. They loved it. No foxes were harmed in the hot seating process!

Children in Need – Everybody is looking forward to Children in Need tomorrow.  The School Council and Miss Davies have been busy preparing.  Nursery have also been busy making cakes.

eSafety Competition – Overleaf, you will find details on an eSafety competition to design a logo for next year's Safe Internet Day.

eSafety Agreements – ICT eSafety agreements have been sent home with pupils this week for them to read, sign & return. Please assist them in doing this promptly.

School Logo Consultation – The pupils have also been given a sheet to brainstorm their ideas about what should be included on the new school logo. Please return these by Monday.

Netball Training – These sessions will restart in the New Year.

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,


Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

November 11th 2016 Tachwedd 11fed

Dear Parents / Carers,

It may be November, but the Christmas songs are beginning to be sung here in school, as preparations are underway for our performances in December.  This term always turns out to be a plate spinning and juggling exercise, as there are lots of things going on besides Christmas in this period. Bring it on!

Annwyl Rieni / Gwarchodwyr,

Er ei fod yn mis Tachwedd, mae'r caneuon Nadoligaidd i'w clywed wrth i ni gychwyn paratoadau ar gyfer y Nadolig. Mae'r tymor wastad yn weithgaredd jyglo, gyda nifer o bethau yn mynd ymlaen. Amdani!  

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,


Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

​Remembrance - The yard fell silent for two minutes at 11am, as the whole school reflected and remembered those who have fallen in many wars over many years.  The silence was impeccably observed.

​Turf Cutting Ceremony - Kieran, Grace and Flo took part in this historic ceremony on Monday.  They cut the turf to signal the start of the new school build.  It will be very interesting to see how the build progresses over the next few weeks.

​SHARE Appeal - Ann Jones, from refugee charity SHARE spoke to the children last week about the work being done to support refugees. The leaflet sent home last week specifies the items you can donate.  There is a collection box in each class, so your support would be very much appreciated.

​Children in Need - Our School Councillors presented in assembly this morning about Children in Need. The children can wear spots / own clothes for a pound.  There'll be games in the hall (50p) cakes (25/50p) and a dress your bear competition (50p).

​Achievers - Our Students of the Week are Mia, Melissa, Ella-May, Ben, Jessica, Nathaniel, Ffion, Daniel, Steffi, Reuben and Bella.  Well done all!

​Last Week's Achievers - Students of the Week last week were Holly, Finley, Illiana, Daniel and Ellis. Molly received medals for climbing Glyder Fach & Fawr.

​PTA - Many thanks to those who attended last night's meeting, which was a positive affair.  See the sample photo of our PTA Xmas photos which are available to buy.  They are on view in the office window. See last week's newsletter for full details.

Family Service – The Year 5 Family Service will now take place on Friday November 25th. Parents and relatives welcome at 9am.

Pantomime – Could I ask that outstanding Pantomime contributions (£5 per child) be sent in next week, as we have had to pay in advance.

Liverpool Trip – Year 6 will be invited to register for our residential trip next year to Liverpool. An overnight stay involving a visit to Anfield, the Beatles Museum and a Ferry Across the Mersey will be great fun.  Full details next week.  Remaining places will be offered to Year 5.

Deepest Condolences – Our sympathies and our thoughts go out to Kaden, his mum Sharon and family this week following their tragic loss. The whole school community is here to support you all.

November 4th 2016 Tachwedd 4ydd​

Dear Parents / Carers,

Half term and Halloween are behind us, while we look forward to Bonfire Night, Xmas and a very busy half term.  It's always a special few weeks and all provisional dates are included below for you to map out all the activities that are so far planned! 

Annwyl Rieni / Gwarchodwyr,

Mae hanner tymor a Calan Gaeaf yn tu ôl i ni, gyda Noson Tân Gwyllt, y Nadolig a hanner tymor prysur iawn o'n blaenau. Mae bob amser yn amser arbennig ac mae'r dyddiadau dros dro wedi'u cynnwys isod i chi fapio'r holl weithgareddau sydd wedi eu cynllunio hyd yn hyn!

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,

​Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher/Pennaeth.

Football Festival - We had two teams entered in this week's football festival.  While results didn't go their way on this occasion, all gave of their best and enjoyed the experience.

New School Logo Consultation – As we prepare for our move to Glasdir, we are consulting on ideas, regarding which elements could be incorporated in a new school logo, which we will adopt next year.  In order for us to design a collaborative logo, we encourage our pupils to submit written ideas from which we will decide an overall brief for the final design.  Could pupils please submit their written ideas by Friday November 19th.

​Language and Play Session - We had an excellent turn out for our family sessions this week for the Early Years.  It's been very encouraging to see such great support for this initiative.

Attendance – Class 5 had the best attendance the last week before half term.  Well done!​

Remembrance – We are collecting once again for the British Legion in the run up to Remembrance Day.  The pupils can choose from a range of items from the box provided once again.

Glasdir Turf Cutting Ceremony – On Monday, the ceremonial turf cutting will take place as the new school finally starts being built.  School Council members Kieran Jones, Grace Jones and Flo Taylor will represent the pupils in this historical event.

Netball Festival – The netball team will take part in this event, which will be held on November 10th at St. Bridgets.

PTA Meeting - There will be a PTA meeting on Thursday 10th November at 7pm in Wetherspoons. Everyone is welcome and it should be a good opportunity for some social time too. Remember, Thursday is Curry Night in Wetherspoons if you are hungry! In order to have a rough idea of how many people are coming, please could you drop an email to rhosstreetpta@gmail.com to confirm attendance.

PTA Quiz – Please see the attached poster regarding the PTA Quiz to be held on November 25th at The Feathers, Ruthin at 7pm.

PTA Xmas Photos – Please also see the attached info on the PTA Xmas photos.

SHARE Assembly – Friday's Assembly was attended by Anne Jones.  She represents the SHARE charity, supporting refugees.  Please see the leaflet sent home with the children and help the school support this very worthwhile and important charity in any way you are able to.

Pantomime – If you are yet to send in your £5 contribution per child towards the cost of the trip to the pantomime, then please do so at your earliest convenience.

Provisional Diary Dates

Mon Nov 7      -           Glasdir Turf Cutting Ceremony

Thu Nov 10     -           Netball Festival AM

Thu Nov 10     -           PTA Meeting, Wetherspoons, 7pm

Fri Nov 18       -           Children in Need

Mon Nov 21    -           Football Festival

Fri Nov 25       -           Year 6 Mock Trial

Fri Nov 25       -           PTA Quiz 7pm

Mon Nov 28    -           Year 6 Cycle Experience week starts

Sat Dec 3        -           Choir Sings in Ruthin in Xmas Community Event

Tue Dec 7        -           Foundation Phase Concert 2PM

Wed Dec 7      -           Foundation Phase Concert 2PM and 6PM

Fri Dec 9         -           PTA Xmas Fair

Sun Dec 11     -           Choir sings in Rotary Concert 6pm

Tue Dec 13      -           Juniors' Xmas Service, Ruthin School 1.30PM and 6PM

Wed Dec 14    -           PTA Polar Express Day

Thu Dec 15     -           Aladdin Pantomime, Theatre Clwyd

Fri Dec 16       -           Break up for Xmas

Tue Jan 3         -           Staff Training

Wed Jan 4       -           School re-opens

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