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Mar 06
March News / Newyddion Mawrth

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March 27th 2015 Mawrth 27ain

Dear Parents / Carers,

As you can tell from the last newsletter of the Spring Term, it's been an extremely busy final week, with really positive news in all manner of ways. It's been a short term, but we've crammed a lot in and I am really proud of the pupils' achievements, which is once again testament to the fantastic staff here as well as the efforts of the brilliant Rhos Street children.  Please read below, regarding details of an online survey we are conducting about the new build and also details regarding a parental meeting after school on the first Tuesday back after Easter.  Please engage with the survey and also during the meeting.  Have a good one!

Annwyl Rieni / Gwarchodwyr,

Fel y gallwch weld o gylchlythyr olaf y Tymor y Gwanwyn, mae wedi bod yn wythnos eithriadol o brysur, gyda newyddion cadarnhaol iawn ym mhob math o ffyrdd. Mae wedi bod yn dymor byr, ond mae wedi bod llawn dop ac rwy'n falch iawn o gyflawniadau'r disgyblion, sydd unwaith eto yn dyst i'r staff gwych yma. Darllenwch isod am fanylion o arolwg ar-lein rydym yn cynnal am yr adeilad newydd ac mae manylion parthed cyfarfod rhieni ar ôl ysgol ar ddydd Mawrth cyntaf nôl ar ôl y Pasg. Mwynhewch y gwyliau!

Yours sincerely,


Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

Parental Consultation – New School in Glasdir – I'd be very grateful if over the next few days, you could take the time to respond to an online survey we have created, regarding the new build at Glasdir for Rhos Street and Pen Barras.  We will be meeting with architects after Easter and we are eager to listen to parents' views on what they wish for / expect from the new build on the other side of town.  Please follow the link to take the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/8T6MP9W There is an opportunity in the survey, for you to provide additional comments.

We are also going to be holding some face to face consultations with parents and these will take place straight after Easter on Tuesday April 14th.  There will be two sessions, one at 3.30pm and one at 5.30pm.  In these sessions, there will be a brief presentation giving an overview of where we are now and then some workshops, giving parents the chance in small groups to give their opinions.  I very much hope that you are eager to attend one of the sessions and have an input into this crucial process.  I'm sure I speak for all of us in wanting to do our utmost to get the best for Rhos Street School.

Family Service - Year 3 provided us with a really slick and stylish Family Service this morning.  Their message based on The Good Samaritan was clearly and effectively communicated and I'd like to congratulate them all.  I'd also like to thank Mrs Morris, Mrs Bourne and Miss Sproston for their work getting the pupils ready in a very busy final week of term!

PTA Disco – Don't forget the PTA Disco will be held tonight after school from 5-7pm.  Thanks to all who will be helping out later and to the PTA members for organising what I'm sure, will be a very successful event to finish off the term.  There will be an Easter Bonnet competition, raffle and lots of stalls in addition to the throwing of various shapes on the dance floor.

Green Flag Award - After our Healthy School award last week, we have followed up with the renewal of our Green Flag status for all the eco work that goes on here.  Mrs Davies has been busy gathering all the evidence and as you can see from the photo, we have a much needed new flag!  We are proud to add this accolade to the others we have received.

Cross Country - This week, we took part in the Vale Cross Country event at Denbigh High and were very proud of the efforts of all who took part.  We are yet to receive the official results of who has won through to the next round, but when I know – you will too and we can celebrate their achievements.

Maths - Some members of out MAT maths group attended a session at Northop Hall School and they studied Vedic numbers and patterns and digital routes.  It was a very enriching opportunity which they greatly enjoyed.  See below for their direct feedback.

Brass Tubulate Performance - The children were treated to a special brass performance this week.  They got to see, hear and try out lots of brass instruments and learnt a lot in an exciting and enjoyable presentation.  Thanks to all involved.  We hope that some were enthused enough to consider taking up brass lessons next year.

Urdd Eisteddfod – We were very proud of the pupils who took part in the County Urdd Eisteddfod last week.  Emma finished second with her recitation, Tom 3rd with his.  The Group Recitation also finished 3rd as did Jemima with her flute playing.  It was great to see them on the stage, performing with such confidence in front of so many people.

Easter Eggs Competition - Julie Debicka has on behalf of the PTA, kindly run a special Easter wordsearch.  The winners were drawn out of the hat and were as follows – William, Laura, Maisie, Hope, Katie and Tyler.

Tennis - A great fun activity to finish the term took place today as Ruthin Tennis Club attended, to give some special sessions to the pupils.  They enjoyed learning and refining some of the basic racquet skills.  I'm sure Andy Murray will soon have some competition if they keep practising and take up this very enjoyable sport.

Achievers - Achievers this week included Maciej, Ruby, Nicholas, Mikolaj, Bella, Lucas, Lily, Ethan and Harri.  Sky received a gymnastics medal and Zoey a swimming certificate.

Parish Easter Card Competition - Reverend Stuart coordinated a special Easter Card competition in the Parish and this was won by Libby who has received a special prize.  Well done to her!

Road Safety Officers' Presentation - A big thank you to our Road Safety Officers, Bobby and Lucy, who shared an important message about road safety and also launched a special road safety poster competition for the pupils to take part in over the Easter break. 

Eco Waste Week – The pupils have been engaged this week in discussing eco issues of reducing, reusing and recycling as well as discussing how the amount of food packaging can be reduced.

Wrexham FC – Wrexham FC will return once again to run some football sessions after school.  Details have been sent home and these sessions will begin on Monday 20th April and not on 13th as stated on the leaflet.

After School Club – If for some reason you are late collecting your child, after the Easter break, he or she will be taken to after school club, which is in Llanrhydd Street.

Giggles Bingo – Anna is asking if anybody is able to make donations of prizes for a forthcoming Bingo night which we will be holding.

INSET Day – Monday April 13th is a staff training day, so school will not reopen until the 14th.

The Word on the Street

Megan Davies  - Me, Sam, Jack and Georgina went to a maths afternoon in Northop Hall. We learnt about digital roots, different patterns and Vedic worms. We had to join numbers to make different shapes.  It was quite hard and tricky but we managed. I did the Vedic worms and they were tricky. People did it on asymmetric graph paper and you had to be focused. The teacher, Mrs Williams was really nice and explained the Maths simply and was concise. I liked working in a group, it was really fun. I particularly liked the digital route. It was easy but complex at the same time.

Jack Wright - At Northop Hall, I had a great time and it was challenging I particularly liked the digital roots.

Sam Griffiths - I particularly liked making shapes out of digital roots and it was fun to work in a small group. It was really exciting.

Georgina Vaarkamp - I really liked the experience to meet other MAT children. I also liked the difficulty of the trip and Mrs Williams was really nice. It is also good to know that we work together really well as a team.

March 19th Mawrth 19eg

Dear Parents / Carers,

A day early, but lots to report this week.  It's the eclipse tomorrow and while we won't be able to take the children outside to observe it, they will be monitoring this event on the internet in class.  It will certainly prove to be very interesting.  It will have to be pretty spectacular to 'eclipse' all the fantastic things that have been going on in school.  Did you see what I did there…

Annwyl Rieni / Gwarchodwyr,

Mae'n ddiwrnod yn gynnar, ond mae llawer i son am yr wythnos hon. Mae'r Eclipse yfory, ac er na fyddwn yn gallu mynd â'r plant y tu allan i'w arsylwi, byddant yn monitro'r digwyddiad hwn ar y rhyngrwyd yn y dosbarth. Mae'n siwr y bydd yn ddiddorol iawn.

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,


Bryn D. Jones, Pennaeth / Headteacher

Reading Mentor Event - Sam and Courtney attended a special reading event last week at Ysgol Frongoch, which celebrated their involvement in the Reading Mentor Scheme.  They were given the opportunity to meet author Jeremy Strong and had a lovely time.

A Healthy School – for the FOURTH time - We received some good news this week, as an assessment took place to determine if we were deserving of the next Healthy School award - our fourth. I'm proud to inform you that we were successful. We were highly praised for the work that goes on here at the school and also the School Council were fantastic as they gave the assessor a tour of the school and answered questions with intelligence.  Thank you to Mrs Liddy for her hard work preparing all the evidence.

Year 6 Science - As part of their studies into renewable energy, Year 6 have been recording the light levels and wind speed using an anemometer and Log-Box. The pupils selected the areas around the school they felt would be the best site for an imagined solar-array and wind turbine. They took recordings over the course of a week to see which group had selected the best sites. The data they have collected will be used in some cross-curricular numeracy work in coming weeks.

Green Thumbs Logo - Our Eco club was relaunched and renamed in January, christened with the new name Green Thumbs.  A competition has been held to design a logo.  This was won by Oliver, with Betsy second and Lily third.  You will be able to see the posters on the Flickr account.

Eco Code - We've also been putting together an eco code for the school.  Year 4 did a joint effort, which was deemed the best, representing all that Rhos Street School stood for in all matters eco.  Well done to them and the Year 4 reps, Sion and Jemima.

Netball Festival - The netballers had a good morning at St. Brigid's at the festival of schools from the Vale.  They gave a good account of themselves winning one match and losing two.

The Word on the Street from Lucy Rudak - My X-factor Audition - Hi my name is Lucy. I'm 11 years old and I took part in the junior X-Factor auditions! I was really excited to compete in this competition. I walked on stage in front of about 300 people, but I just had to ignore them and concentrate on singing rather then being nervous. I sang 'Ready Or Not' by Bridget Mendler. My judges were Kathryn Williams, Thomas Jones and Kate Evans. After I had finished singing, everyone stood up and started clapping.   No judges buzzed me and I was really happy. I've always wanted to be a singer! The judges left excellent comments! I couldn't believe what they had said and I'm getting all the encouragement from my best friends. I can't wait till my next audition, which is at Easter! I hope whoever was watching me enjoyed my performance! Thank you

School Council - As part of the consultation to close Ysgol Rhewl, the School Council has been invited to give its views.  They will do so in a meeting with County representatives tomorrow.  The School Council is certainly very busy this year and at the centre of all the things taking place at school.  I'd like to thank them again for their hard work.

Money – Please settle all dinner money and music debts before half term.  We would really appreciate it if all parents could conform to school and Denbighshire's policy of paying for dinner money in advance.  Many thanks.

Eco Waste Week – Next week will be a Waste Awareness week in school and you will receive separate additional information about this activity.  We are encouraging awareness of reducing, reusing and recycling waste.  There will be various activities taking place in class.

Wrexham FC – Wrexham FC will attend Monday's assembly with details of after school football sessions that will be held in the Summer term.

Tubulate Brass Performance – There will be a special Tubulate Brass performance held in the hall on Tuesday morning.  It will we hope enthuse pupils at the school to show an interest in taking brass lessons next year.

Cross Country – Good luck to all the runners in the Vale Cross Country event on Wednesday next week.  A separate letter is being sent to competitors.

Year 1 Dental Check – These checks will take place next week.  Parents of children involved have been notified and given consent.

Year 6 Maths Session - On March 26th, some of the Year 6 MAT Maths group will attend a special enrichment session at Northop Hall CP school.

Year 3 Family Service – On Friday, March 27th, Year 3 will deliver their Family Service.  Parents and relatives are welcome to join with us at 9am.

Red Nose Day – Thank you to everybody for their contribution to Red Nose Day.  A total of £427 was raised.  Here is the undercover footage taken from the sponge throwing last week...



PTA Easter Disco – Please see the attached poster regarding the Easter Disco, which will be held next Friday. Parents of Infant children are asked to stay and supervise their children.  If any parents are able to help out on the night, then please let a PTA member know.  If you are staying on the night, can you help in any way?  The more help, the more activities for the children.  On another note, could I ask that high heels and short dresses not be worn by pupils on the night.  Many thanks.

PTA Easter Wordsearch – Julie Debicka has kindly organised a special Easter wordsearch competition for the children.  Please see the wordsearch sent home for further details.

Parents Evening – I hope you found your parental consultations useful this week.  The staff were grateful for the positive feedback received.

Eisteddfod - It's the County Eisteddfod tomorrow at Ysgol Glan Clwyd and we wish good luck to all of our competitors!


March 13th 2015 Mawrth 13eg

Dear Parents / Carers,

There have been red noses everywhere today and we've all got into the swing of things.  We head towards Easter with lots to do and hope we can fit everything in.  We have now launched the new website at the old address of www.rhosstreetschool.co.uk and you will see the content build over the next few months.

Annwyl Rieni / Gwarchodwyr,

Bu trwynau coch ym mhob man heddiw, ac yr ydym i gyd wedi cael llawer o hwyl.  Rydym yn anelu tuag at y Pasg gyda llawer i'w wneud a gobeithio y gallwn gyflawni popeth. Rydym bellach wedi lansio gwefan newydd - www.rhosstreetschool.co.uk . Mi fydd y cynnwys yn adeiladu dros y misoedd nesaf.

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,


Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

Red Nose Day - There has been lots going on today, including face painting, red noses, funny costumes, cake sales and of course, soaking the Headteacher.  Pneumonia awaits… We will inform you of the total collected in due course.

New Pupils – Over the last couple of weeks, we have welcomed Freya, Harley, Maciej, Mikolaj to the school. They have settled well into their various classes.

Lost Property – Callum in Year 4 brought a knights costume for World Book Day on Friday. He left the silver material (chain-mail effect) hood in the quiet area at lunchtime but it disappeared.  If you know of its whereabaouts, please give it to Callum or Mrs Baker.  It is part of a borrowed costume and needs to be returned.  Thank you.

Parents' Evening – You should all have received a time for your appointments next week with your child's class teacher.

Show Racism the Red Card - Winners of our 'Show Racism the Red Card' competition were Charlie, Lottie, Alex, Jemima, Betsy and Siyar.  They all designed a t-shirt communicating this important message.  Betsy and Jemima's efforts have won through to the next stage.  Well done to all who took part.

Achievers - This week's Students of the Week were Maciej, Casi, Indi, Declan, Martha, Harley, Annie and Bobby. Well done to all of them for their efforts this week.

Reading Mentor Event – Sam and Courtney were invited to a special event in Denbigh to celebrate their involvement in the Reading Mentor Initiative and also meet the Author Jeremy Strong.  It was a great experience for them.

Tempest Photos -  The date of Tempest Photography's visit has been changed to the 11th May.

Eisteddfod – The County Eisteddfod takes place a week on Saturday the 21st March at Ysgol Glan Clwyd. Rosie, Tom, Zoey, Emma, Jemima and the recitation group will compete again and I will provide further details when I have them early next week.

St. David's Day Competition - Eira ran a special St. David's Day competition in Years 4, 5 and 6 and the winners were Jemima, Jack, Codie, Luca, Hope, Grace, Courtney, Bobby and Georgina.  They all designed a poster representing what Wales means to them.  There were some fantastic entries all round.

Swimming Gala - The Vale of Clwyd Swimming Gala took place this week and the squad has won through to the County Gala next term.  Well done!

School Council – As part of the consultation to close Ysgol Rhewl, the School Council has been invited to give its views.  They will do so in a meeting with County representatives on the 20th March.

Netball Festival – Good luck to the netball team in the festival held on Tuesday.

Kick It Sports Activity – A sports activity to be held over Easter has been advertised to the children and a flyer with further details sent home.

Maths Session – On March 26th, some of the Year 6 MAT Maths group will attend a special enrichment session at Northop Hall CP school.

March 6th 2015 Mawrth 6ed

Dear Parents / Carers,

The beginning of March is always a busy time with the Urdd, St. David's Day and World Book Day filling the diary.  We also have Red Nose Day on the horizon, so there are plenty of opportunities for the children to dress up and take part in a range of activities, as the pages of this newsletter prove!

Annwyl Rieni / Gwarchodwyr,

Mae cychwyn Mis Mawrth wastad yn amser prysur, gyda'r Urdd, Dydd Gwyl Dewi a Diwrnod y Llyfr yn llenwi'r dyddiadur.  Mae gennym ddiwrnod Trwyn Coch ar y gorwel hefyd, felly mae digon o gyfleoedd i'r plant wisgo i fyny a cymeryd rhan mewn ystod eang o weithgareddau, fel mae tudalennau'r cylchlythyr yma yn profi!

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,


Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

Rhos Street School – A Green School, but what does it actually mean? - When the School Banding information was shared before half term, we were extremely proud to be awarded Green school status; one of only four schools across Denbighshire.  However, Governors in the meeting held last night were concerned that this status could be confused with the award of The Green Flag, which is an eco-friendly award.  The status of Green school is totally different.

So what does Green status mean? It is the highest rating that can be awarded and is based on the success of the pupils at Rhos Street – in terms of their literacy and numeracy skills as well as their skills in science.  This is based on performance over three years, which also includes attendance data.  Additionally, a judgement is made on the school's track record of improvement, which was judged by Estyn to be Excellent in their report.  With all these factors taken into consideration, the  school was awarded Green status, which by definition is a: highly effective school, has a track record of sustaining a high level of learner outcomes, demonstrates resilience at all levels, is challenged to move towards or sustain excellence.  We are very proud of this status and hope that all connected with the school are too.

Urdd Eisteddfod – We had a very successful day at the Eisteddfod with everyone competing to a very high standard, as well as demonstrating fantastic behaviour.  Instumentalists Jemima and James were 1st and 3rd in the woodwind / string section respectively.  Individual recitation certificates were awarded to Tom (1st), Rosie (2nd), Zoey (2nd), Emma (2nd), Charlie (3rd).  The group recitation was awarded 1st place.  Everyone did fantastically well and we were very proud to have flown the flag in such a positive way.

St. David's Day - Although it was a day late, we celebrated St. David's Day in style.  We held an assembly, and there were lots of activities, cookery and competitions going on in class. 

Red Nose Day– On 13th March, it will be Red Nose Day again.  We will have lots of activities going on, organised by the School Council.  Wear red for £1, face painting 50p, cakes 30p, soak Mr. Jones(!!!) £1.  I will keep a list of all participants in the final activity…  A sponsor form has been sent home today.

Student Support Forms – The Student Support Agency are once again sharing their literature.  In order for us to gain the maximum benefit from them, please fill out an individual responses for each of your children, even if you are not interested in any services they may have to offer.  If you are yet to return documentation, then please do so on Monday.

Reception / Year 1 Cooking - As part of their St. David's Day activities, Class 1 had lots of fun cooking Welsh cakes.  I am still waiting for a sample mind…

Kerbcraft - Class 2 pupils have been enjoying their Kerbcraft sessions. It's a great way to learn about road safety.  Thanks for the parental; help and to Becky from the Road Safety Department.

World Book Day - I was very impressed with the efforts made by the children (and their parents) in planning and designing costumes for today's celebration of all things literary.  I think this is the best selection of costumes I have seen.  In service, James, Oliver and Georgina were awarded prizes for a competition held in Years 5 and 6.  All classes have been involved in celebrating books today and during this week.  Today's assembly was also based on encouraging pupils to feed their brains with lots of books!

Year 2 Welsh Work - Year 2, as part of a week studying all things Welsh have been learning about the Welsh artist Kyffin Williams.  They have been recreating his style by replicating the painting 'Farmer and Dog'.

Internet Safety Session - We were pleased with the turnout for the Internet Safety Session for parents held after school on Tuesday.  I think they were very pleased to have turned up, although the messages shared were sobering and gave food for thought about the implications of the issues discussed. 

Achievers - Students of the week were Cormack, Freya, Harsha, Ella, Alex, Jack C and Jack W.  Ruby had a gymnastics medal, Charlotte and Billy swimming certificates, Poppy a Badgers' award, Rosie swimming rosettes and Matthew a karate orange belt.  Molly was recognised for raising money for charity by selling bookmarks.  Well done to one and all.

Vale of Clwyd Swimming – The Gala takes place next week.  Good luck to all taking part.

After School Club – The after school provision that was launched last year has proved to be a very popular and enriching service for parents.  If you wish for your child to attend any of the sessions, please pop into the office or see Anna Owen and they will be only too happy to speak to you.

Nursery - The Nursery Class have been celebrating World Book Day too.  Here they are in costume, with their favourite books.

Grants - A summary of our grant expenditure for the 2014-15 financial year can be found in the general downloads section.

Feb 06
February News / Newyddion Mis Chwefror

February 27th 2015 Chwefror 27ain


Dear Parents / Carers,

I hope you all had a great half term.  It's nice to see we are finally enjoying some spring-like weather now that St. David's Day approaches.  Let's all hope that the rugby team puts in a good performance over the weekend in advance of the National Day.  It promises to be a very busy half term, as the diary dates below will testify and I'm sure the children will be much enriched from the many opportunities in the offing.


Annwyl Rieni / Gwarchodwyr,

Rwy'n gobeithio eich bod wedi cael hanner tymor gwych. Mae'n braf gweld ein bod o'r diwedd yn mwynhau rhywfaint o dywydd gwanwyn wrth i Ddydd Gŵyl Dewi nesau. Rydym yn gobeithio bod y tîm rygbi yn rhoi perfformiad da dros y penwythnos cyn y Diwrnod Cenedlaethol. Mae'n gaddo bod yn hanner tymor prysur iawn fel mae'r dyddiadau isod yn tystio ac rwy'n siŵr y bydd y plant yn cael eu cyfoethogi llawer gan y cyfleoedd niferus ar y gweill.


Yours sincerely,


Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

Owl Visit - Islwyn from Pen y Bryn Falconry, visited this week and wowed the children with his many owls.  They learnt a lot about them and got to see what fantastic birds they are.  Some of the staff had some very interesting views of the owls' flying skills too! 

Eisteddfod Yr Urdd - Good luck to our competitors tomorrow.  Please refer to the letter sent out earlier this week for details about all the competitions.  Please note that the group recitation isn't until the afternoon with all individual recitations in the morning.  The children have all worked very hard this week and we look forward to seeing how they all get on!


School Council Competition - The winning entries for the recent School Council poster competition promoting hand hygiene were as follows.  Infants – 1st Alex, 2nd Jocelyn, 3rd Alexander.  Juniors – 1st Annie, 2nd Lily, 3rd Luca.  Well done to them all for their efforts and also to all who took part.

Internet Safety Presentation – Please refer to the letter sent out earlier this week, about the Internet Safety Session for parents on Tuesday at 3.30pm.  All welcome and there will be a crèche available.

St. David's Day – We will be celebrating St. David's Day on Monday here in the school, so the children are encouraged to come into school wearing either National costume or red.

World Book Day – Next Friday, we will be recognising World Book Day in school.  Children can come dressed up as one of their favourite fictional characters and also bring in one of their favourite books to share.

Red Nose Day – On 13th March, it will be Red Nose Day again.  We will have lots of activities going on, organised by the School Council.  Wear red for £1, face painting 50p, cakes 30p, soak Mr. Jones(!!!) £1.  I'm not sure I agree with the final activity…

Word on the Street

End Polio Now! - Last term, we planted crocus bulbs and designed labels to go round the pots. We did this to help the Rotary Club to raise awareness about Polio. We learnt that when children abroad are immunised, a purple dye is put on their finger, this is why we wear purple crocuses. This week, we have been raising money by selling crocus badges to help stop Polio. We are sending the money to the Rotary Club and we have raised £50 so far - thank you everyone! When we've sent it to the Rotary Club they send 3 times as much money to help END Polio. Polio is a terrible disease that stops people from growing properly and stops them walking and also it can kill! With help from everyone we are so close to being a Polio-free world. Grace and Luca (yr. 5)

Rotary Presentation - In order to recognise the school's work with the Rotary Club regarding Polio awareness, we were visited by a Rotarian who awarded Luca and Grace their prizes for winning the flower pot label competition.

Diary Dates

Here's what we've got going on in the run up to Easter!

Sat, Feb 28th                          -               Urdd Eisteddfod, Ruthin from 8.30am

Mon, March 2nd                   -               St. David's Day in school

Tue, March 3rd                     -               Internet Safety Session for Parents 3.30pm

Wed, March 4th                    -               Mother's Day pictures published in Free Press

Thurs, March 5th                  -               Governing Body Meets 6pm

Fri, March 6th                        -               World Book Day

Sat, March 7th                       -               Wrexham v Chester 1pm

Tues, March 10th                  -               Vale of Clwyd Swimming 12.30pm

Tues, March 10th                  -               Reading Mentor Event, Ysgol Frongoch 4pm

Fri, March 13th                      -               Red Nose Day

w/b Mon, March 16th          -               Parents' Evening Week

Tues, March 17th                  -               Netball Festival

Fri, March 20th                      -               Tempest photography of individuals and families

Sat, March 21st                     -               Urdd County Eisteddfod, St. Asaph

w/b Mon, March 23rd          -               Eco Waste Week

Wed, March 25th                  -               Vale Cross Country

Thurs, March 26th                                -               Year 1 Dental Check

Fri, 27th March                      -               Year 3 Family Service

Fri, 27th March                      -               Potential PTA Easter Disco

Fri, 27th March                      -               Break Up for Easter

Mon, 13th April                     -               Staff Training Day

Tues, 14th April                     -               Pupils return to school

Achievers - Students of the week this week were, William, Deiniol, Alexandros, Grace, Milly, Finlay, James, Tom, Annie and MeganW.  Harsha was recognised for Karate, James for cycle racing and Hannah for swimming.  Well done to all.

Mother's Day – Keep an eye out in the Free Press next Wednesday, as the pupils' Mother's Day pictures will be published.

Infant Reading Club – There will be no Infant Reading Club held on Thursdays from next week.  All other arrangements remain.

Student Support Forms – The Student Support Agency are once again sharing their literature.  In order for us to gain the maximum benefit from them, please fill out an individual responses for each of your children, even if you are not interested in any services they may have to offer.

Pancake Race - Raif, Matthew, Finlay, Josh, Zoëy and Oliver took part in the Pancake Races over half term.  Raif is pictured with his winning certificate.  Well done to them all.

New Student Teacher – We welcomed Steffi Fishwick this week from Bangor University, for her student placement.  She will be working with Year 4 and I'm sure she will have a successful stay with us.

A friendly face pops in – It was lovely to see Miss Madoc-Jones pop her head in today.  She is enjoying her new challenge but is missing us all.  Well she would, wouldn't she!!!


February 12th / Chwefror 12fed

Dear Parents / Carers,

Another half term comes to an end and the beginning of 2015 has certainly been eventful with lots going on.  I hope you have a lovely week and we'll see you all a week on Monday!


Annwyl Rieni / Gwarchodwyr,

Daw hanner tymor arall I ben ac mae cychwyn 2015 wedi bod yn brysur iawn gyda llawer yn mynd ymlaen.

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,


Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

Year 4 Family Service - Well done to Year 4, who gave us a fantastic Family Service about the Romans.  They certainly impressed everybody.  Thanks to Mrs Baker and her staff for their work, as well as parents and relatives for their support.

Urdd Eisteddfod – Could all competitors please learn their pieces over half term so that we can get them ready to compete on Saturday 28th February. Details to follow.

Achievers - Students of the week included Logan, Ruby, Poppy, Nicholas, Grace, Oliver, James and Lucy.  Billy also received a swimming certificate.

PTA Valentines Disco – Thanks to all who attended and helped out preparing beforehand and on the night.  A profit of over £400 was made so a fantastic effort!

British Heart Foundation – We raised £143.32 on our Wear it Red day last Friday.  A big thanks once again!

Head Lice – Please check your child's hair.

Chinese New Year - Today is Chinese New Year Party day in Giggles. Parents and carers are coming in to taste some lovely freshly cooked noodles, rice, spring rolls and prawn crackers.  Here is a photo of our Chinese New Year Dragon.  We have made this ourselves, We danced and celebrated New Year!

New Staff - A big welcome to our new staff, teacher Mrs Jo Williams and teaching assistant Miss Rhian Evans.  It's great to have them on board.

Wrexham FC Mascot – Good luck to Oliver tomorrow, as he takes on the role of mascot for Wrexham FC.  I hope he has a great day.

Internet Safety Week – We had lots of activities and discussions this week about many issues to do with internet safety.

Pancake Race – The pancake race is on Tuesday! Rev. Stuart spoke to the children in assembly and sponsor forms with full details have been sent home with the children.

Owls – The owl visit takes place the first week after half term.  We'd be grateful to receive a contribution of £1 per pupil for this activity.


February 6th 2015 Chwefror 6ed

Dear Parents / Carers,

The pupils were all dressed in red today, as we raised money for the BHF.  It was also a suitable day, as many were wearing Wales' rugby shirts, in advance of the big game with England tonight.  I'm sure many of you will be in front of the TV later, watching the match.  The bitter cold this week has been offset by the beautiful clear sunshine and there has been lots going on here.  With only a week before half term, we will soon be eagerly looking for signs of spring!

Annwyl Rieni / Gwarchodwyr,

Roedd y disgyblion wedi eu gwisgo i gyd mewn coch heddiw, wrth i ni godi arian ar gyfer yr BHF. Roedd hefyd yn ddiwrnod addas, gan fod llawer yn gwisgo crysau rygbi Cymru, cyn y gêm fawr â Lloegr heno. Rwy'n siŵr y bydd llawer ohonoch o flaen y teledu nes ymlaen yn gwylio y gêm. Mae'r oerni yr wythnos hon wedi cael ei wrthbwyso gan yr heulwen glir hardd ac mae llawer wedi bod yn digwydd yma. Gyda dim ond wythnos cyn hanner tymor, byddwn cyn bo hir yn edrych yn eiddgar am arwyddion y gwanwyn!

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,


Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

Year 4 Trip to Chester - Year 4 have had a wonderful day in the fine City of Chester.  They visited the Dewa Centre, which is a historical museum and were given experiences of the Roman period.  They behaved really well.

Internet Safety – Next week is Internet Safety week and Mr. Davis will kick things off on Monday with his assembly.  PC Heledd is also visiting on Tuesday and among many themes, she will talk about this important issue.  Each class will be discussing the merits and dangers of the internet, which I'm sure you will agree is a crucial part of any child's education.  It is important that all children and adults alike, understand and learn how to be responsible users of the internet.


Wear it Red Day - Well done to all for their involvement in today's fundraising.  All donations go towards the British Heart Foundation.  I will inform you how much we have raised in due couse.  See below for The Word on the Street piece on the BHF.

More Fundraising - Children from Year 6 have been fundraising for Cancer Research this year and collected a fantastic sum of £80! Congratulations and well done to them all for their efforts.

Achievers - Students of the Week included Deiniol, Jessica, Kyle, Theo, Kai and Lily.  Josie received a Brownie badge and Hope horse riding rosettes.

PTA Disco – Please refer to the poster sent home, regarding next Thuirsday's disco, which will be held from 5-7pm.  Any cake donations would be gratefully received.

Owl Visit – On February 25th we will be visited by Owls.  The whole school will benefit from this presentation and we ask for a donation of £1 per child.

Family Service – Next Friday morning from 9am, it will be Year 4's opportunity to deliver their Family Service.  All parents and relatives welcome.

Urdd – The deadline for registration for Urdd competitions is Monday.  Please ensure that the £7 subscription is paid.  Many thanks.

Giggles – There is a party on the last day of term at 2pm for the Giggles children to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Nursery Activities - For a Knowledge and Understanding focus task Nursery children made a bird cake for the wild birds in the garden.  They enthusiastically added meal worms and seed to lard.  They mixed and stirred the ingredients together and then filled their own pots.

Owls - Year 2, in advance of the exciting owl visit, have been painting pictures of the nocturnal feathered creatures.

Twitter / website / flickr – Please continue to follow and retweet us on twitter.  We are getting nearer to the new website launch, so in the meantime Twitter is the best place to keep up with our news, as well as our Flickr account which includes our many photos.

Thank You – Huge thanks to Shirley Mountcastle for the wonderful donation of novels for use by the school.  There are some fantastic titles included and we are very grateful.  The RSS Green Thumbs were delighted too, as they are very much in favour of recycling and reusing items.  Any other books from parents who are having a spring clean would be very gratefully received!

Year 2 Birdfeeding - Year 2 have also been making bird feed.  In this weather, I'm sure it will be very welcome!!

The Word on the Street  - WEAR IT RED DAY Today, people are wearing red for British Heart Foundation and giving £1 donation for wearing red to raise money. The British Heart Foundation started in 1961 to save people's lives from this condition. The British Heart Foundation are handling the UKs' biggest heart killer that has killed lots of people.

Today medical teams working in hospitals are still finding out ways to beat heart disease.  They have saved thousands from this terrible condition and families are so grateful for their work to save their family and friends. Written by Harri and Lauren


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