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July 20th 2016 Gorffennaf 20fed

Dear Parents / Carers,

It's been a very positive end to the school year and I think everybody in the school community can look back with satisfaction and pride on what has been achieved.  My thanks go to everybody for their ongoing support and a special mention to my fantastic staff whose efforts do not go unnoticed. Have a great Summer all and we look forward to the new challenges of the 2016-17 academic year.​

Annwyl Rieni / Gwarchodwyr,

Mae wedi bod yn ddiweddglo cadarnhaol iawn i'r flwyddyn ysgol ac yr wyf yn meddwl y gall pawb yng nghymuned yr ysgol edrych yn ôl gyda boddhad a balchder ar yr hyn a gyflawnwyd. Hoffwn ddiolch i bawb am eu cefnogaeth barhaus a rhoddaf sylw arbennig i'r staff gwych. Mwynhewch yr Haf ac rydym yn edrych ymlaen at yr heriau newydd y flwyddyn academaidd 2016-17.

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,


Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

​Leavers' Service - My thanks also go to Year 6 for a spectacular Leavers' Service.  Best wishes to them as they move on to Secondary school.  It is always sad to say goodbye but they are more than ready for new challenges and I'm sure they will thrive.  

Some Goodbyes – As well as our Year 6 pupils we say goodbye to a couple of staff members today.  Mrs. Jo Williams departs to take up a post in Ysgol Bodfari.  She has been fantastic here at Rhos Street and given so much of her time to extra-curricular activities as well as to her devoted work in the Reception and Year 1 class.  I wish her every success in her new post.  Mrs Julie Kendrick departs to qualify as a teacher.  She has worked in many classes in many capacities over the years and we will miss her initiative and her accounting skills! Best wishes to her as she undertakes the training course.

​Rotary Birdfeeding Project - Ruthin Rotary Club promoted a birdfeeding project with all local schools this year and a special event was held in Brynhyfryd which was attended by TV star Iolo Williams.  He presented Rhos Street the £100 prize for being the best participating school and also the best individual prize to James Johnson. Well done everybody!

​Reading Challenge - Llinos from the Library Service came and spoke to the pupils about the Big Friendly Read 2016.  This is a Roald Dahl themed challenge this year and some classes have also visited the library this week.  Please support your child in completing the challenge this summer.  

​100% Attendance - Congratulations to the following pupils for having 100% attendance this year!

Nathaniel, Ffion, Christian, AlexanderG, AlexanderJ, Tyler, Matthew, Katie, Reuben, James, Sophie, Nikos, Leo, Hannah and William. Jenson in the Nursery Class also attended each session!

Back to School! – The school will reopen on Monday September 5th. We can't wait!

PTA – At the end of the year – another big thank you goes to the PTA for their efforts this year.  A special thank you goes to Leanne for her work over the years, as she finishes now that Annie moves to Brynhyfryd.

Rhos Street Logo – During the next few months, we will be working with the children in designing a new logo for the school to go on the uniform before we move to Glasdir.  We hope to get the uniform updated by the Easter break.  More news in September.

​Crossing Borders Project - This project came to end last week, with the final performance at Theatre Clwyd.  The children were amazing and looked brilliant acting on the beautifully lit, creative set.  Huge thanks again to Janys and her team and to Mrs Davies for her work with children readying them for the final performance.  

​Class 6 Water Fight - There was bedlam on the field yesterday as the now traditional Year 6 water fight took place.  

​School Council - Thank you to our School Council whose term of office comes to an end.  They have led on many initiatives this year.

​Eco Council - We are also grateful to the Eco Council for their work.

Flickr – take a look at the Flickr account for all the latest photos.

​Yard Games - It was great to join with pupils from Pen Barras this week to take part in some yard games.

July 15th 2016 Gorffennaf 15fed

Dear Parents / Carers,

We're nearly there.  Three more days are left, before the pupils have a chance to recharge, reflect and look forward to their next phase of education, whatever and wherever it might be.  I've been hearing about lots of exciting destinations for holidays over the next few weeks and I'm sure everybody is going to have a lovely time.

Annwyl Rieni / Gwarchodwyr,

Rydym bron yno. Bydd y disgyblion yn cael cyfle i edrych yn ol ac ymlaen at y cam nesaf yn eu haddysg, beth bynnag a lle bynnag y gallai fod. Rwyf wedi bod yn clywed am lawer o gyrchfannau cyffrous ar gyfer gwyliau yn ystod yr wythnosau nesaf ac rwy'n siŵr bod pawb yn mynd i gael amser hyfryd.

Yours sincerely,


Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

Infants' Sleepover - We had a lovely evening last Friday and lots of laughs. The weather was great, so the children could play on the field and the yard. Thanks to Mrs. Liddy, Mrs. Williams, Jill and Ellie for their fantastic care of the children.

The Railway Children – Year 5 have the honour tonight of performing in the esteemed Emlyn Williams Theatre at Theatre Clwyd, Mold.  They will present the third act in Janys Chambers' production of the Railway Children.  This afternoon they will have a technical rehearsal, followed by a dress rehearsal, before the final performance later. Good luck and 'break a leg'!

Leavers' Service – On Monday, Year 6 will present their Leavers' Service and parents and relative are invited to attend at 1.30pm.

Questionnaires – I'd be grateful if you could take a moment to fill our annual questionnaire and return it to school before the end of term.  Thank you.

Congratulations Will! - Many of the pupils took part in a competition organised by 'Bore Da' magazine to design the Urdd badge for 2016-17.  We were delighted to hear that William had won and that his design will be used next year.  There will be over 40,000 badges made using his design. Huge congratulations to him!

Poppy Parade - The Poppy Parade that marched from St. Peter's Church to Ysgol Brynhyfryd was a very poignant walk.  Some of our pupils joined, carrying the poppies they had made in a recent workshop.

2016 Ruthin Olympics - Class 1 launched this 'special event' this week with flags, flames and lots of enthusiasm!

Payment of Monies – It would be really helpful and we'd be really grateful if you could ensure that all outstanding debts are settled on Monday, so we can get everything sorted, cleared and banked by the end of term.  Your cooperation would be very much appreciated.

Rotary Club Bird Feeder Initiative – An event attended by TV star Iolo Williams, will take place at Brynhyfryd on Tuesday and some Year 5 and 6 pupils who took part, will attend.

Giggles' Inspection – Our pre-school group Giggles was inspected last week and once again passed with flying colours.  Congratulations – not that it was ever in doubt!

String Showcase – Mr. Barker organised a special string showcase for the pupils this week.  We thank him for his time and ask anyone interested in playing an instrument following the session, to let us know in the office.

Achievers - Students of the week were, all of Class 1, Amelia, Charlie, Ruby, Ieuan, all of Class 5 and Will.  Lucy was awarded a gym medal, as well as a swimming certificate.  Alexandros had a swimming certificate and Iwan an orange ju-jitsu belt.  Well done all.

Giggles / Nursery Party - Giggles and Nursery had lots of fun in their party this week.

July 8th 2016 Gorffennaf 8fed

Dear Parents / Carers,

The end of year creeps ever nearer and we all are frantically hoping we can fit everything in! Tonight we have the Infant Sleepover, so I will try to keep you all informed via twitter how we're all getting on! Year 5 will perform a work in progress version of their play at the end of the day and in the morning Year 2 and 3 pupils will join the commemorative Poppy Parade. And then there's next week…

Annwyl Rieni / Gwarchodwyr,

Mae diwedd y flwyddyn yn nesau ac rydym i gyd yn gobeithio y gallwn ni ffitio popeth i mewn! Heno mae gennym y Gwersyll Babanod, felly byddaf yn ceisio'ch diweddaru ar twitter. Bydd Blwyddyn 5 yn perfformio eu drama ar ddiwedd y dydd ac yn y bore bydd disgyblion Blwyddyn 2 a 3 yn ymuno â'r Orymdaith Pabi coffaol. Ac yna mae wythnos nesaf...

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,


Bryn D. Jones,  Headteacher / Pennaeth

Leavers' Church Service - Year 6 joined with the leavers from Borthyn, Pen Barras and Llanfair in St. Peter's Church last Friday, to take part in a Leavers' Service which was a very interactive affair!  They got to work in teams on a range of activities in what was a lovely community event. Thanks to Rev. Stuart and his colleagues and also to the Mothers' Union for their kind book donation.

Class 1 Trip - Reception and Year 1 went to Byd Mari Jones, in Bala. They took part in a range of activities, making stained glass windows, dressing up as characters from the story and visited the grave of Rev. Charles. They even saw Mari Jones' Bible! The children were a credit to the school.  Big thanks to all the parent helpers for their support and help on the day.

Tag Rugby - Year 4 spent a great afternoon at the Rugby Club here in Ruthin on Monday, taking part in tag rugby activities delivered by students from Ysgol Brynhyfryd. They had their lunch and a play in the park and were very tired on their return to school.  Thanks to Jim Salisbury for facilitating the session.

Karate Session - Another opportunity Year 4 have recently been provided with, is a special karate session which was kindly delivered by Karen Campbell.  In one session, she taught them some sequences which they learnt and performed to a high standard.  Thanks to Karen for her time.

Crossing Borders - It's been a very industrious week for Year 5 as they have been preparing, practising, designing and making for the Theatre Clwyd performance at the end of next week.  Props, costumes and actors will hopefully all be ready to provide parents with a book in hand performance in the hall straight after school tonight.

Internet Safety - An information session on internet safety has been organised for parents and members of the school community at 5pm on July 12th at Ysgol Brynhyfryd.  If you are able to attend, I'm sure it will prove very informative.

Poppy Parade - Participants are asked to assemble in the area beside the flats at St. Peter's Church (the old school house) at 10am. I'd be grateful if they attended wearing school uniform.

New Nursery – On Tuesday afternoon, parents of our new Nursery pupils, joining us in September will attend an introductory meeting here at the school.

Reports – These will reach you at the end of next week, along with test results and end of phase assessment levels for Years 2 and 6.

Leavers Service – This end of year service for parents and relatives of Year 6 takes place on Monday 18th July at 1.30pm in the school hall.

Summer Reading Challenge – It's that time again! We're eager that all pupils complete the challenge and details regarding Roald Dahl's Big Friendly Read, are being sent home with today's newsletter.

Year 2 Transition - We welcomed parents of Year 2 pupils yesterday for a special transition session for them and the pupils.  Information about Junior life was shared and the pupils led a special word cloud activity on the iPad for the parents. Thank you to those who were able to attend.

Infants' Sleepover - Could all remaining sponsor money be sent in ASAP please? Many thanks.

PTA Summer Fair - The Summer Fair has proved to be a highly successful event, with a profit of £1106. Huge thanks to all involved and for your support. Additionally, the PTA stall on Sports Day made £116.

Outstanding Monies – Could all dinner money, music fees and any other balances to pay be sent in by Monday 18th July please.



July 1st 2016 Gorffennaf 1af

Dear Parents / Carers,

Well, the forecast isn't great, but will not be allowed to dampen the PTA's enthusiasm towards holding the Summer Fair.  So, contingency plans to hold the event indoors have been made and we will be ready to welcome everybody at 5pm.  Thanks to everybody who is helping in any way tonight. See you later!​

Annwyl Rieni / Gwarchodwyr,

Wel, nid yw'r rhagolygon yn wych, ondmae'r CrhA yn benderfynol bod y Ffai am fynd ymlaen. Felly, mae cynlluniau wrth gefn i gynnal y ffair dan do wedi cael eu gwneud a byddwn yn barod i groesawu pawb am 5yh. Diolch i bawb sy'n helpu mewn unrhyw ffordd heno . Welwn ni chi wedyn!

Yours sincerely, 


Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

​Year 6 Trip - Year 6 have been very busy over the last few weeks, with assessments, tests and various activities, so the opportunity to blow off some steam was embraced with open arms as they went on a laser combat.  They had a fantastic time, were praised for their behaviour and Mr Davis also got the chance to take revenge on a few individuals!​

Leavers' Blessing – Year 6 attended the Leavers' Blessing at St. Peter's Church this afternoon, in conjunction with other schools.

Crossing Borders – The rehearsal week for 'The Railway Children' takes place next week.  The Year 5 will children will need to work especially hard to learn their scripts and parents and relatives are invited to a 'book in hand' performance of the script after school on Friday next week in the hall.  Please make sure you have also booked your tickets for the performance at Theatre Clwyd on the evening of July 15th.

​Year 2 Trip - Year 2 also had their trip this week, taking part in a range of activities at Loggerheads Country Park.  They had a great time, behaved impeccably. I'm sure one of the memories they'll always remember is when they got to play in the rain.  Mrs Liddy said it was a special moment watching them!

​Achievers - Students of the Week were Joseph, Nathaniel, Katelyn, Freya, Christian, JamesJ, JamesE, Ethan, Oliver, Hope and Arthur. Theo, Tyler and Daniel were presented with Ju-Jitsu belts, Nathaniel and Alex triathlon medals, Gabriella a reading medal and Kian a certificate for helping at the Carnival.  Well done to them all.​

​Spelling Bee - Ethan, Arthur, Oliver and Hope took part in a spelling competition for local schools, held at Ysgol Bryn Clwyd and finished in 2nd place.  Well done to them all!​

Class 1 Trip – Class 1 visit Bala on Monday in their school trip.

Tag Rugby – Year 4 will take part in a fun tag rugby festival for local schools on Monday afternoon.​

Transition Day – The children will move up to their new classes for the morning on Wednesday.

Year 2 Transition – Year 2 parents will have received an invite to the transition session, which takes place on Thursday morning.

Infant Sleepover – The Infants will hold their annual sleepover on Friday night.

Poppy Parade – Pupils in Year 2 and 3 are invited to join the Poppy Parade taking place in the town on Saturday 9th July.  Further details to follow.

​Ruthin Festival Concert - The pupils who performed at Awelon in the special concert as part of Ruthin Festival were fantastic.  They were very much appreciated by the audience.  Huge thanks to them all!




Jun 09

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June 24th 2016 Mehefin 24ain 

Dear Parents / Carers,

Lots of lovely activities have been taking place which included Sports Day, a Family Service and transition activities.  We also had a Governors meeting this week, which began with Chair Brian Hubble, recognising the feat of our ex-pupil Neil Taylor, who scored in Wales' Euro 2016 game v. Russia this week.  Let's hope tomorrow sees the Wales squad continue their fine success.

Annwyl Rieni / Gwarchodwyr,

Mae llawer o weithgareddau hyfryd wedi digwydd sy'n cynnwys Diwrnod Mabolgampau, Gwasanaeth Teulu a gweithgareddau pontio. Cawsom gyfarfod Llywodraethwyr a ddechreuodd gyda'r Cadeirydd Brian Hubble yn cydnabod camp ein cyn-ddisgybl Neil Taylor, a sgoriodd i Gymru yn erbyn Rwsia yr wythnos hon. Pob lwc i Gymru yfory!

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,


Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

​Sports Day - We were lucky with the weather again this year and a had wonderful day watching the Foundation Phase and Juniors enthusiastically take part in their Sports Day.  Tim Coch won for the Infants and Tim Gwyrdd were victorious in the Juniors' event.  Huge thanks to the PTA for their efforts and also to the pupils for their participation, effort and behaviour.

Class 6 Trip – On Monday, Class 6 will visit the Llandegla Laser course and have a fun filled morning of combat, I'm sure.

Growing up – Next week, Year 6 will have their 'Growing Up Talk.' If you have any questions, please see Mr. Davis.

Leavers' Blessing – The Year 6 Leavers' Blessing Takes place at St. Peter's Church on July 1st at 1.30pm.  Parents and relatives welcome.

Spelling Bee – A group of Year 6 pupils will take part in a Spelling Bee Competition at Ysgol Bryn Clwyd on June 30th.

​Nursery and Giggles' Family Service - The hall was packed as we were treated to a wonderful Family Service from Nursery and Giggles on the theme of Minibeasts.  They sang and recited a series of songs and poems and delighted everybody watching.  Huge thanks to the Early Years' staff for their efforts and for the fantastic parental support making it such a lovely school community event.

​Year 2 Transition - Year 2 are enjoying their sessions familiarising themselves with the Junior staff and classroom through a series of fun activities.  Last week, they got to share their hopes and fears about the Juniors and yesterday, they took part in  a special parachute session with Deputy Head, Mr. Davis.

​Achievers - Students of the Week were Finley, Leo, Daniel, Ffion, Oliver, Jemima, Tom and Joshua. Leo also brought in a certificate and yellow belt for Ju Jitsu.

Ruthin Festival – Next Wednesday, a group of pupils will visit Awelon to perform a special concert to the residents as part of Ruthin Festival.  The performance will take place during school time.

Ice Cream Tuesdays – The canteen are serving ice cream cones as pudding for the rest of term on a Tuesday.

Music Lessons – Please ensure that all pupils who wish to have music lessons next year (including those on the current list) return the pro-forma by Monday at the latest.

Writing Publication – Please also return the permission pro-forma regarding the writing publication, so that we can get all the work together. Thanks.

Head Lice – We have had sightings, so please check your child's hair and treat accordingly.  Many thanks.

​STEM Activity - Rhos Street's STEM Club have been busy over the last few weeks.  They have used scratch coding to create a platform computer game based on knights and castles to help the Reception children spell high-frequency words. They have tested the game on some of the children this week.  They also created a Numeracy game based on Numicon plates.  Well done to James, Will, Tom, Billy, Jack and Kai as they prepare to roll out the games to all the children.

​Summer Fair - Next Friday will see us hold our Summer Fair from 5-7pm. Any helpers would be gratefully received.  Please see Leanne or anybody on the PTA.  Many thanks.  Also parents who receive the newsletter by email, please see the attached poster.

​June 17th 2016 Mehefin 17eg

Dear Parents / Carers,

As we near the end of the academic year, there's a strong theme of transition in many activities, with Year 6 gearing up to their departure and our Year 2 pupils moving up to the Juniors.  Plans for next year have been firmed up and while we ready ourselves for all the end of year activities, we are always looking forward to the future as well.

Annwyl Rieni / Gwarchodwyr,

Wrth i ni yn agosau at ddiwedd y flwyddyn academaidd, mae thema gref o newid mewn llawer o weithgareddau, gyda Blwyddyn 6 a Blwyddyn 2 yn paratoi at symud ymlaen.  Mae'r cynllun ar gyfer y flwyddyn nesaf wedi cael ei gadarnhau ac er ein bod yn barod ar gyfer pob gweithgareddau diwedd blwyddyn, rydym hefyd yn edrych ymlaen at y dyfodol.

Yours sincerely  / Yn gywir,


Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

​Class 1 Family Service - Our Reception and Year 1 pupils gave a lovely Family Service last Friday with a range of songs sung, poems recited and readings given.  Thank you to Mrs. Williams and her team for their preparatory work and also to parents and relatives for their support on the day.

​Year 6 Transition - Year 6 spent an afternoon at Brynhyfryd on Wednesday, taking part in PE activities as part of transition arrangements.  Today, Brynhyfryd staff visited to give them a talk about what they can expect from September and also to answer any of their questions. They will of course, spend a full day up the road on July 6th.

​Ruthin Town Football Tournament - The three teams representing Rhos Street School all gave fantastic accounts of themselves showing great sportsmanship, teamwork and skill.  The Year 6 team were pipped 1-0 in the final and could consider themselves very unlucky.  Big thanks to all the pupils who represented the school so well in a lovely community event.

​Year 3 and 4 Bodelwyddan Trip - The weather was kind as Years 3 and 4 visited Bodelwyddan Castle.  Their behaviour was praised on many occasions during the day and they had a great time taking part in a mini beast workshop, visiting the maze, castle and adventure playground.

​Last Week's Achievers - Students of Last Week were Daniel, Deiniol, Declan, Ella, Leo and Will, as well as Class 1 for their service.  Rugby trophies were shared with Reuben, Matthew, Raif and Oliver.  Football medals were shared with Daniel, Sion, Tyler, Leo, Will, Callum and Alex. Illiana received a swimming certificate, Alex Grant an orange belt in karate and Sam Jones was recognised for cricket.  Well done to them all!

​This Week's Achievers - This week's students of the week were Megan, Kody, Caitlin, Ffion, all of Class 3, Grace, Finlay, Annie, Josie, Betsy and Ella. Jemima received a medal for Race for Life, Josh certificates for karate and badminton and Grace a medal for gymnastics.  Our pupils are very busy out of school at this moment in time!

Class Arrangements for 2016-17

Despite our rising pupil numbers, financial constraints have made organising our classes for the next academic year more problematic.  However, we have come to a resolution, which we confidently believe will ensure that we can maintain the high standard of education that won us green school status.  The classes will be organised as follows:

Nursery – Mrs. Eleri Morris

Reception & Year 1 – Mrs. Louise Bourne

Year 1 & 2 – Mrs. Geraldine Liddy

Year 3 – Miss. Charlotte Davies

Year 4 – Mrs. Denise Baker

Year 5 – Mrs. Joanne Davies

Year 6 – Mr. Andrew Davis

St Peter's Church Events – See the attached poster, regarding forthcoming events being held at St. Peter's Church during July.

Cycle to School Week – It's been a bit wet, but we have heard stories of pupils and parents making special efforts to cycle to school this week.  Well done to all involved!

Governor Visits – We were delighted to welcome Peter Ryder and Bobby Feeley to the school on Wednesday, to spend some time in the classes monitoring in their roles as School Governors.

Sponsored Walk – Huge thanks for your contributions towards our Sponsored Walk.  A total of £710 has been raised so far, which is a fantastic effort!

Crossing Borders Tickets – Year 5 parents can contact the Theatre Clwyd box-office to purchase tickets for the performance on July 15th 

​Race for Life - Huge congratulations to Anna and all her angels, who ran with her in the Rhyl, Race for Life event last weekend.  Pupils Georgia, James and Jemima and staff members Mrs Kendrick and Mrs Reece ran.  Alex also ran the event. Anybody wanting to donate can visit https://www.justgiving.com/teams/annas-angels0

It's lovely to have Anna back working with us after her recent absence.  She is an inspiration!

​School Council - The School Council ably delivered a presentation to the whole school, informing them of all the good work that we, at Rhos Street School, have been doing to gain our Phase 5 Healthy Schools award. They talked about 'Environment, Food & Fitness and Emotional Mental Health & Well-being.

Provisional Diary Dates Until End of Term

Mon 20th June – Sun awareness week begins

Mon 20th June – Eco Council Consultation on the Glasdir outdoor area

Wed 22nd June – Sports Day

Fri 24th June – Reserve Sports Day if 22nd cancelled

Fri 24th June – Giggles and Nursery's Family Service

Mon 27th June – Class 6 trip to Llandegla

Tue 28th June – Class 2 Trip to Loggerheads

Tue 28th June – Year 6 growing up talk

Wed 29th June – Ruthin Festival Concert in Awelon

Thurs 30th June – Year 6 Spelling Bee Competition in Llandyrnog

Fri 1st Jul – Summer Fair 5-7pm

Fri 1st Jul – Year 6 Leavers' Blessing in St. Peter's Church 1.30pm

Mon 4th July – Crossing Borders Rehearsal Week begins Year 5

Mon 4th July – Class 1 trip to Bala

Mon 4th July – Tag Rugby Tournament Brynhyfryd

Wed 6th July – Transition Day

Thu 7th July – Year 2 Transition Session for Parents

Fri 8th July – Crossing Borders Book in Hand Performance for Year 5 parents 3.30pm

Fri 8th July – Infants' Sleepover

Sat 9th July – Poppy Parade in Ruthin

Mon 11th July – Global Café for Juniors and parents

Tue 12th July – Meeting with new Nursery parents

Wed 13th July – Crossing Borders refresher day Year 5

Fri 15th July – Crossing Borders final performance Theatre Clwyd Year 5

Mon 18th July – Year 6 Leavers Service 1.30pm

Tue 19th July – Rotary Bird Feeders Presentation

Wed 19th July – Summer Break Begins

Mon 5th Sept – Children Return to school.

​Rev. Stuart Assembly - This morning, we welcomed Rev. Stuart to assembly and he shared the message of teamwork and support through the theme of the football at Euro 2016.  

Wales v England in Euro 2016The less said about this the better!  Let's hope the Welsh boys decide to turn up against Russia on Monday!

Alzheimer's Cake Stall – Annie yesterday organised a cake stall to raise money for the Alzheimer's Society. What a lovely gesture!

Sun Awareness – Next week's theme is sun awareness, so pupils will be discussing the dangers and solutions to strong sunlight in class.

Glasdir Eco Session – This consultation takes place on Monday and children in class have been sharing ideas.  If you wish to put forward ideas yourselves about the outdoor play and wildlife areas at the new site, then please send them in!

PTA Summer Fair – Please see the attachment regarding the forthcoming PTA Summer Fair.  If you are able to help on the day, please have a chat with a member of the PTA on Sports Day.

Sports Day – This takes place on Wednesday, weather permitting, with the usual arrangements applying. Infants in the morning and Juniors in the afternoon. Refreshments and bacon baps will be organised by the PTA (thank you!) Please do not come across the track to see your child during Sports Day or buy them anything from the PTA stall, as it becomes disruptive.

Giggles and Nursery Family Service – Parents and relatives of Giggles and Nursery children are welcome to join with us at 9am next Friday as they hold their Family Service.

Flickr – Our flickr photo page continues to be regularly updated.  Please visit https://www.flickr.com/photos/rhosstreet/sets/ to see lots of pictures of our many activities.

Twitter – You can also keep abreast of all sort of news, photos, notices and snippets on our twitter page, which is updated daily. Please spread the word on this brilliant platform!

Infant Reading Club – This club is now on hiatus until the Autumn.

Giggles' Quiz Night – Please see details below, regarding the Giggles' Quiz Night tonight at the Feathers.  All welcome!

Daily Mile - We are trying out this new national initiative which promotes health and fitness on a daily basis.  We will be launching properly in September, but Year 2 have been having a try.

June 9th 2016 Mehefin 9fed

Dear Parents / Carers,

An early newsletter this week… The hot weather over half term has continued throughout this week and the children have revelled in going on the field.  Everybody's got straight back into action after the break and this will continue over the weeks building up to the end of the academic year.

Annwyl Rieni / Gwarchodwyr,`

Cylchlythyr cynnar yr wythnos yma... Mae'r tywydd poeth dros hanner tymor wedi parhau trwy gydol yr wythnos hon ac mae'r plant wedi mwynhau mynd ar y cae. Mae prysurdeb wedi dod yn syth ar ôl yr egwyl a bydd hyn yn parhau dros yr wythnosau hyd at ddiwedd y flwyddyn academaidd.

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,


Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

Road Safety Conference​Our Junior Road Safety Officers attended the annual conference at Faenol Fawr.  Lily and Daniel had the opportunity to take part in a range of activities and learn more about the crucial issue of road safety.

Dental Hygiene Competition – Could all entries for this competition be received by Wednesday 15th June please.

Sun Safety – Could all pupils ensure that they have sun hats available to wear during break time in school and that sun cream is applied, in line with our Sun Safety Policy.  Many thanks.

Cookery Club – Cookery Club for Years 5 and 6 will run on the following dates: June 16th, 23rd, 30th and July 7th.

Fire Safety PresentationYear 2 and 5 received presentations from the North Wales Fire Safety Department, which taught them some crucial life lessons on fire prevention, safety and the fantastic work of the Fire Service. 

Crossing Borders Project - Year 5 are involved in a drama project with Janys Chambers over the next few weeks.  This will conclude with a special performance at Theatr Clwyd at the end of term.  They will be involved in all aspects of the production, including props and scenery and will be a very worthwhile project.

Church Visit​ - Year 6 made a very informative visit to the local church today.  Reverend Stuart was a fantastic host at St. Peter's helping the children to investigate the features of the church and learn about its history and ceremonies.  Huge thanks to him for his time and work.

Ruthin Football Tournament – Good luck to the three teams competing in the tournament on Saturday.  Remember shin pads, sun hats and lots of drinks!

Euro 2016 – Good luck to Wales in their historic opening match on Saturday against Slovakia.  Tomorrow, the pupils can wear football / sports kit, as we recognise the launch of Euro 2016.

Walk to School Week – Thank you to those who have supported our Walk to School week.  It's been lovely weather for such an activity!

Cycle to School Week – Next week wil be Cycle to School week, so we encourage safe cycling by all who are able to support!

Year 3 and 4 Trip – I hope the Year 3 and 4 pupils thoroughly enjoy their visit to Bodelwyddan Castle on Tuesday.

Eco Council Glasdir Consultation – On Monday, the eco-council will work with the landscape designer for the new school site.  I'm sure they'll have fantastic ideas.  We will be pleased to welcome some pupils from Ysgol Rhewl as part of the consultation.  Croeso!

Year 6 PE Afternoon – Year 6 will, as part of their transition arrangements, spend an afternoon in Brynhyfryd taking part in PE activities.  This will take place on Tuesday next week.

Vale of Clwyd Athletics – This event will take place next Friday.  Participating pupils will be informed separately.

Giggles' Quiz Night – Giggles are holding a quiz night at the Feathers in Ruthin.  This will take place at 7pm on Friday 17th June. All welcome!

Reception and Year 1 Family Service – This takes place at 9am tomorrow.  Parents and relatives are welcome to join with us.

Sponsored Walk – We'd be grateful to accept any remaining sponsor money as soon as possible.  Many thanks.

Destination Dance – This dance class, held in Ruthin Rugby Club on Thursday nights will hold a free taster session for our pupils on Monday at 12.30pm in the hall.  All welcome.  Call 07833627111 for further details on these sessions.

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