​Year 3 Forces Work

In Science, Class 3 have been experimenting with cars in their work on Forces, finding out and recording which car travelled further after being ‘sprung’ with mini-img_2156.jpg

Year 1 Visit to Loggerheads Country Park

If you go out to the woods today… you may need to watch out for goblins!  Class 1 and children from Pen Barras’ Reception went to Loggerheads to help the fairies and elves find their lost treasures. 
They found fairy hats, fairy shoes, elf walking sticks, fairy wings and made magic potions to keep the goblins away.  We also learned how to measure the height and girth of a tree. 

Year 2 Habitat Study

Year 2 as part of their studies in Science, travelled to Cae Ddol park to look for different habitats and the life forms that could be found there.  They looked on a bank, in the undergrowth, in the trees and fields and learnt how  living things choose where they live, according to the conditions in their habitat.

Biodiversity Day

As part of our involvement in Biodiversity Week we invited the county's Biodiversity Officer in to talk about this interesting subject.  The children got to hear all about habitats and the animals that live in them.  They also got to hear about how environmental issues affect those habitats.
All classes were given interesting talks from Kate Taylor about biodiversity and you can see a series of pictures by clicking on the gallery.  We will reschedule the visit to the Glasdir conservation site as the weather was not favourable